Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Buckley

Our favorite type of people – volunteers!

Volunteers enhance our outreach to the community. This issue we thank arboretum volunteer Chris Buckley. Although Chris is not new to volunteering (he is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Red Cross) he is relatively new to volunteering with the City of Roseville.

Type of volunteering

Chris has helped set up the Wild Rice Festival and the Halloween Spook-tacular. He also helped the city select residents to serve on the Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC).
Chris Buckley_volunteer

Why he volunteers

Chris and his family have been impressed with the services and opportunities offered by Roseville. His family had been attending and enjoying many of the Park and Recreation activities. He wanted to help to ensure that the programming continued and to set an example for his children. Chris volunteered to be on the MAC interview panel because he believes it is important for the city to learn and grow. He appreciated the chance to hear from other residents and supports the city’s efforts to foster citizen engagement. 

Because he volunteers

Thanks to Chris and other volunteers the city is able to offer many free and low cost activities for families to enjoy. Because of Chris’s help, the city was able to select a strong mix of residents so that the MAC can best foster a strong relationship between the city, the police and the community.