Volunteer Spotlight: Corbin Carlson

Our favorite type of people – volunteers! 

 Volunteers enhance our outreach to the community. In this issue, we thank Corbin Carlson for volunteering.

Corbin is in tenth grade and attends Roseville Area High School. He is a Youth Commissioner on the Parks and Recreation Commission. Corbin is one of four youths serving on advisory commissions.

Why he volunteers

Corbin serves on the commission to provide his point of view into public issues.
Corbin Carlson

Why it’s important for teens to get involved in volunteering/city government

Corbin said having a newer generation of minds sharing their ideas can bring about change for the better.

What types of volunteering

In addition to the Parks and Recreation Commission, Corbin volunteers to set up events, helps take care of the parks, and helps with childcare at local elementary schools.

Because he volunteers

Thanks to volunteers like Corbin, the city gets a youth perspective on issues affecting the city.