Volunteer Spotlight: Veronica Tan and Lynn Nguyen

Our favorite type of people – volunteers!

Volunteers enhance outreach to the community. This month, we thank Roseville Area High School seniors and friends Veronica Tan and Lynn Nguyen.

Type of volunteering:

Both Lynn and Veronica have volunteered for a variety of activities, including the 5K race, dance recitals, nature center activities, and most recently at the orchard gardening classes.
Lynn Nguyen_Veronica Tan

Why they volunteer:

Veronica volunteers because it’s a way to help her community and support everyone who attends events. Lynn volunteers because it helps others feel better and provides a sense of community. It gives her a pride to know she is doing good in challenging times. 

Their favorite thing about being a volunteer:

Lynn appreciates seeing the joy people feel. She also appreciates that volunteering gives her a new perspective on life. She said seeing how people live and communicate with one another is beneficial and inspiring. Veronica appreciates the opportunities to get out and enjoy life. When she helps others, she feels good inside. She is also learning things that she can share with her mom – including, when gardening, worms aren’t so terrifying!

Because they volunteer:

Thanks to volunteers like Lynn and Veronica, the city is able to provide free and low cost activities that promote community engagement.