City Adopts Balanced 2015 Budget

The City Council adopted a balanced budget for 2015 of $52,045,290 at its final meeting of the year on Dec. 8. The action capped a process that began in May, when city departments began prioritizing budget goals. Since then, the budget was a focal point at numerous City Council meetings and work sessions.

The budget plans for $26,055,340 in tax-supported programs. The final figure of tax-supported budget items represents an increase of $1,332,055 over the City’s 2014 budget and includes $723,570 in capital-related expenditures such as police and fire vehicles, street replacement projects, and water and sewer infrastructure upgrades.

To support the budget, the City Council approved a final tax levy increase of 1.5 percent, 2.1 percentage points lower than the 3.6 percent preliminary tax levy figure it approved in September. The 1.5 percent increase is the lowest tax levy increase for Roseville residents since 2003.

The impact of the levy increase on residents will vary depending on a property’s value and change in value relative to other properties in the city. Based on the adopted budget and tax levy, a median-valued home can expect to pay approximately $69.75 per month in 2015 for city-related taxes, an average increase of $4.90.

The levy, however, is just one aspect of the increase homeowners will see this year. According to finance director Chris Miller much of the overall property tax increase residents will experience in 2015 will be due to an upsurge in property values in Roseville of 11 percent or more.

Currently, ninety cents of every city tax dollar in Roseville goes directly for core city services. The remaining portion pays for legal, election, accounting and general administrative costs. Police account for the largest percentage of the tax levy-funded budget at 32 percent. Parks and Recreation account for 26 percent, with fire and public works claiming 15 percent and general city governmental expenses making up the remaining 12 percent. 

City Services: Monthly Cost to Residents*

Police Protection $15.85
Fire Protection $7.43
Parks & Recreation $12.87
Public Works (streets and infrastructure) $7.42
Capital Replacement $6.98
Debt Service $13.25
Administrative Services $5.93
Total $69.75
*Based on the projected cost of a median-value home. Estimated market value of $215,000.