Balanced 2016 Budget Adopted by City Council

The City Council has adopted a balanced 2016 Fiscal Year Budget that goes into effect on January 1. The new budget, which totals $52,112,620, represents an increase of 0.1% over the City’s 2015 budget and was approved on a 3-2 vote during the Council’s meeting on Monday, December 7.

The budget plans for $28,745,490 in tax-supported programs. The total for tax-supported programs is an increase of $690,150 compared to 2015. Approximately half of that increase, $335,000, will pay for new capital-related expenditures for streets, parks, buildings, and pathways. 

To support the new budget, the City Council approved raising the tax levy by 3.65 percent for an increase of $667,818. The impact of the levy increase on homeowners will vary depending on a property’s value and its change in value relative to other properties in the City. Based on the adopted budget and tax levy, the median-valued Roseville home assessed at $216,000 can expect to pay approximately $71.65 per month in 2016, an increase of $1.90. 

The City Council also elected to zero-out the tax levy on behalf of the Roseville Housing and Redevelopment Authority (RHRA) as it felt the RHRA had enough funds in reserve to meet operational needs for the upcoming year. The HRA tax levy for the current budget year was $3.06 per month for the median-valued Roseville home.

Currently, ninety cents of every city tax dollar in Roseville goes directly for core city services. The remaining portion pays for legal, election, accounting and general administrative costs. Police account for the largest percentage of the tax levy-funded budget at 31%, with Parks and Recreation totaling 27%, Public Works 16%, and Fire 14%. General city governmental expenses account for the budget’s remaining 12%.

“Continuing to provide the quality services that Roseville residents expect from their city is our top priority,” City Manager Patrick Trudgeon said. “In the end the City Council and staff worked well together to produce a budget that aligns with the vision and mission of the City of Roseville in a cost-effective way.”

Crafting the City’s budget began in May with department budget presentations. The City also included a budget feedback card in the July edition of the City’s newsletter for residents to specify their budget priorities directly to the City Council. Budget specific discussions were held at 10 City Council meetings and several Finance Commission meetings during the year, providing residents with additional information as well as opportunities to share their thoughts on the budget.

City Services: Monthly Cost to Residents

Police Protection
Fire Protection
Parks & Recreation
Public Works (streets and infrastructure)                                                                                           
Capital Replacement
Debt Service
Administrative Services
*Based on the projected cost of a median-value home. Estimated market value $216,000.