Crime Mapping

Roseville Crime Mapping
Visit Roseville's Crime Mapping webpage to view types of reported crimes in a specific neighborhood and the date and time of day the crime occurred.

Visualizing & Analyzing Crime Patterns
“Crime mapping helps our staff visualize and analyze crime patterns. Supervisors can dedicate resources to specific areas through directed patrols and increases in crime prevention efforts,” said Police Chief Rick Mathwig. “It enhances our understanding of why certain crimes take place in certain areas. Officers can view maps while patrolling so they can track developing trends and patrol accordingly,” said Mathwig.

Providing Reliable, Timely Information
Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one the police department's top priorities. This tool increases awareness and assists citizens in taking an active role in protecting themselves and improving safety in their neighborhoods and businesses. A goal of the department is to increase communications among neighbors, and with the police department- kind of a virtual block club.

CrimeReports is provided to the Roseville Police Department at no additional cost to the city, through a partnership between LETG and CrimeReports.

CrimeReports is the largest public crime mapping and citizen tip network in North America. They work with more than 1,600 law enforcement agencies across North America.

CrimeReports App
The public can access the crime map 24 hours a day through the website or through the free CrimeReports iPhone app, available for download from the Apple iTunes store. Residents can sign up for free customizable email alerts, so they can be alerted about crime in their neighborhood.

Law Enforcement Technology Group
Law Enforcement Technology Group develops and integrates public safety software solutions that are used daily by over 100 Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies to streamline operations and improve service.