About EAB

Infested Trees

EAB has been present in Roseville since March of 2013. The EAB Infestation Zone now encompasses the entire city. Every ash tree in Roseville is within one mile of an infested ash tree. It is time to monitor your tree and develop an action plan.

EAB Larvae

EAB larvae are worm-like grubs that kill ash trees by tunneling under the tree's bark. It can take up to four years after the EAB larva infests a tree before symptoms appear. By then it is too late to save the tree.
EAB pupa found in a tree


Tree removal contractors must be licensed by the City of Roseville and listed on the Tree Care Registry. Before you hire a tree removal service, call 651-792-7080 to make sure the tree service has the appropriate license.

We encourage property owners to talk with an arborist to identify whether their tree is infested, and what could be done to prevent an infestation. Some preventive insecticides are available, but there is no guarantee that they will save the tree. If a tree is infested with EAB, insecticides will not save it and it will have to be removed.

Roseville residents may contact Forestry Coordinator Anita Twaroski at 651-792-7142 or anita.twaroski@cityofroseville.com. She will discuss option with property owners and help find resources to address EAB.

Treating Boulevard Trees

Treatments on city trees must be trunk-injections.  The trees can be treated while the leaves are on the trees, up to when the leaves change color in the fall.


The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has placed a quarantine on ash trees in Ramsey, Hennepin and Houston counties. Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) have been found in ash trees in Houston and Ramsey Counties.

Quarantine means a person cannot transport any part of an ash tree, including lumber, seedlings, mulch or firewood, outside of the county without permission from the MDA. If you are going camping, don’t take firewood. Instead, purchase firewood where you are camping and leave any wood you don’t burn.

What Emerald Ash Borers Do

EABs attack and kill ash trees. The larvae are worm-like grubs that kill the trees by tunneling under the tree's bark. Adults are small, iridescent green beetles that live outside of trees during the summer months. All ash trees are susceptible to EAB.

Ash Trees in Minnesota

Minnesota has one of the highest volumes of ash on forestland in the United States. Roseville estimates that about 25% of trees in the city are Ash trees. The spread of EAB could have a devastating effect on Minnesota’s economy.

Tree Removal

You may be approached by a firm wanting to trim or remove your ash tree. Tree removal companies must be licensed by the City of Roseville. The cost of removing and replacing a single tree can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If a company offers to apply a preventative treatment to your tree, the annual cost of treatment should be in the $50 to $100 range and the company must have a commercial pesticide applicator license. Ask any contractor to show you their license(s).

Disposing of Ash Wood

Ash wood can be taken to free Ramsey county yard waste sites. Wood dropped off there is chipped and shipped to District Energy where it is burned to generate heating or cooling for downtown St. Paul. Ash wood mulch is safe to use in your yard if pieces are no greater than 1 inch on more than one side.

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