2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

What's New?

Review of the Complete Draft Comprehensive Plan

For more than a year, the Planning Commission has been gathering community input and working to update Roseville's comprehensive plan. Up until now, the effort has focused on individual topic areas, separate from one another. That process allowed the specific content of each chapter to be developed, discussed, and refined over several months. Now that all of the chapters have been drafted in this way, the entire comprehensive plan can be reviewed as a whole, making it easier to see how the content in each individual chapter relates to the rest of the comprehensive plan.

Below is a list of links to PDFs of each draft chapter of the comprehensive plan, paired with a link to email City staff with comments or questions about that chapter. Several chapters refer to stand-alone plans and other documents which support the comprehensive plan. Links to those other plans and documents are provided below the draft comprehensive plan chapters. 
Chapter 1 Email staff about Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Email staff about Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 Email staff about Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Email staff about Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Email staff about Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Email staff about Chapter 6
Chapter 7  Email staff about Chapter 7
Chapter 8  Email staff about Chapter 8
Chapter 9  Email staff about Chapter 9
Chapter 10  Email staff about Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Email staff about Chapter 11
Chapter 12  Email staff about Chapter 12
Chapter 13  Email staff about Chapter 13

The entire draft comprehensive plan is also available in a single, very large PDF. Click here to download the entire plan (16 Mb).

 Reference Plans and Documents
Chapter 1 Thrive MSP 2040
Imagine Roseville 2025
Community Surveys
Intergenerational Community Study
Multi-Family Housing Study
Imagine Roseville Discussions
Chapter 2 Community Engagement Input Archive
Chapter 3  none
Chapter 4 none
Chapter 5 Multi-Family Housing Study
Chapter 6 Southeast Roseville Visioning Plan
Chapter 7  
Chapter 8 Parks & Recreation System Master Plan
Chapter 9 University of Minnesota Capstone Projects
Regional Indicators Initiative
Population Vulnerability Assessment
Chapter 10 Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan
Chapter 11 Water Supply Plan
Chapter 12 Sanitary Sewer Plan
Chapter 13 none

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a tool for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of a city. For example, Roseville’s current 2030 Comprehensive Plan identifies not only a land-use plan, but also develops a broader framework to help shape the character of the community and enhance the quality of life.

What role does the Comp Plan have in shaping Roseville's future?

The current plan aims to do the following:
  • Create and sustain the elements that define Roseville’s character, heritage, and identity.
  • Influence the economic health of the community by attracting new investment and guiding it to proper locations and by protecting existing investments through the promotion of strong residential neighborhoods and business districts.
  • Shape the future of municipal government by identifying needed public improvements that facilitate and sustain development.

Why does the Comp Plan need to be updated?

Roseville has begun the process of reviewing the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and recalibrating it to ensure that it continues to reflect the community’s collective vision for its future and align with the Metropolitan Council’s plan for the region.
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What's Next

Community Engagement

Topic: Complete Draft Plan Review
Date: Now thru March 16
Locations: Online & City Hall
Opportunities to share thoughts and ask questions of staff are currently being scheduled.

Planning Commission

Date: Wed, February 28
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topics: Complete Draft Plan Review

City Council Work Session

Date: Mon, March 19
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topics: Complete Draft Plan Review

Planning Commission
Public Hearing

Date: Wed, April 4
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topic: Recommend Final Plan

City Council Work Session

(if necessary)
Date: Mon, March 19
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topic: Review Final Plan

City Council Final Action

Date: Mon, May 7
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topic: Approve Final Plan

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