Specialty Positions and Opportunities

Officer Christensen_Cal
The Roseville Police Department provides its officers with a wide variety of opportunities for advancement through promotion, lateral, and secondary positions, including:
  • Two Canine Units
  • Crime Scene Specialists and Crime Scene Team Leader
  • SWAT Operators
  • Field Training Officers
  • Drone operators (FAA Certified)
  • Community Action Team Officers
  • Detectives (Family Violence, Fraud, Juveniles, Sex Crimes and General)
  • School Liaison Officer
  • Auto Theft Specialist
  • Firearms and Use of Force Instructors
  • Hostage and Crisis Negotiators
  • Honor Guard
  • Violent Offender Task Force Detective
  • Reserve and Explorer Advisors
  • EVOC and PIT Instructors
  • Background Investigators
  • Safe and Sober/Towards Zero Death’s Coordinator
  • Computer Forensic Specialists
  • New Officer Mentors
  • Promotional opportunities, including Patrol Sergeant, Community Action Team Sergeant, and Command Level positions
Department leaders value employees and understand that each individual impacts overall success of the department. Officers are encouraged to serve on a wide variety of committees, including department and citizen awards, employee recruitment and retention, officer wellness, squad and fleet, and quarterly officer advisory meetings with the Chief. Each year, an officer is randomly selected to attend monthly department leadership meetings and the annual department leadership retreat.