Food Scraps Collection (organics recycling)

Information about yard waste disposal and backyard composting

Food scraps collection (organics recycling) is the collection of organic material for composting.  Roseville residents can collect food scraps and other organic waste in their home and take it to a drop-off site listed below. Drop-off sites take more materials than you can put in your backyard compost bin. Please see Ramsey County's food scraps collection website for accepted items.
Recycling food scraps and other organic waste returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health. Starting a home organics recycling program is easy. Just follow these four steps:
  • Visit City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., to pick up free compostable bags to get started. Countertop food scrap bins can be purchased online, or get creative and reuse an old ice cream pail, large yogurt container, or a similar container with a well-fitting lid!
  • Fill up your compostable bags with organic recycling materials listed on Ramsey County's food scraps collection website.
  • Bring it to the collection site for free disposal. 
  • Grab more bags from the dispenser on the fence (there is a 2-bag limit per week). If the site is out of bags, stop by City Hall to pick up more bags. 

Roseville Drop-Off Location

2580 Dale St N.
Yard waste map

Additional Food Scraps Collection (organics recycling) Sites

Drop off your bagged food scraps and other organic waste at Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites during regular site hours. Keep food scraps and other organic waste separate from yard waste.