Community Action Team (CAT)


Implemented in 2021, the Community Action Team (CAT) is a five member team dedicated to working alongside our community partners to find innovative solutions to the problems affecting the quality of life of all members of our community.

Community Action Team in a meeting

The Roseville Police Department Community Action Team, often referred to as CAT, is a specialized team that is dedicated to working alongside our community partners to find innovative solutions to problems and issues in our community. The CAT includes 1 police sergeant, 5 police officers, 2 embedded social workers, 1 housing coordinator, and 1 mental health coordinator. With the exception of the 2nd social worker, the 10-person team is fully staffed and already deployed in the community.  

A Collaborative Approach to Complex Community Issues

21st century public safety is more than fighting crime. “Many of our calls revolve around unmet needs in our community that require a variety of efforts and resources,” says Roseville Deputy Chief Joe Adams. “We’re developing a team with a diverse set of expertise, training, and tools to help meet those unmet needs.”  

Several years ago, the Roseville Police department identified the need for better coordination of mental health resources in the community and led the charge in securing a mental health coordinator whose services are shared by several agencies. In addition to helping connect people with resources, the mental health coordinator exposed the need for more social services to be woven into public safety operations.   

CAT Info graph

Current Community Action Team Initiatives:

  • Human Trafficking Investigations
  • Auto Theft Investigations
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Resources for Unsheltered Persons
  • Problem Properties
  • Community Outreach Events

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