Area 1 - Centennial & Terrace Letter

Dear Resident:

In an effort to allow some parking on city streets during snow events, the City is starting a pilot project in this area. The City is installing new signage in your area to allow parking on one side of the street when there is a snow event. Once the street is plowed, residents must move their vehicles to the other side of the street so the side of the street that was parked on the first day can be plowed. 

For all other areas that do not have this signage, the current city rules apply: No parking is allowed on city streets after a 2-inch snowfall until the roadway is plowed. Failure to move your vehicle can result in a parking ticket.

Please see the enclosed map for details on where and how to park during a snow event. Areas in blue, the north side of Centennial Drive and the south side of Terrace Drive, is where residents should park during the snow events for the first 24 hours. Once the street is plowed, residents should move their vehicles to the green side of the roadway. This will allow City crews to remove snow on the blue side of the roadway. Once both sides of the roadway are plowed, parking returns to normal posted parking regulations. Areas shown in red and marked with signage are “No Parking” at any time, even during non-snow events.

Residents who fail to follow the new parking regulations are still at risk of a ticket. City staff will work to educate residents on the new rules before we issue tickets. Please help share this information with your neighbors. 

The City hopes this new signage will increase parking available to residents and reduce tickets during snow events by allowing some on-street parking, yet still allow the City to plow the streets properly.  If you have any questions about the parking regulations, please contact Roseville Public Works. We can be reached at 651-792-7004, Option 2, or


Jesse Freihammer, PE
Public Works Director/City Engineer