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Recreational Fire Regulations
The City of Roseville does allow for recreational fires on private property. The purpose of a recreational fire is for a family cookout or gathering. These fires are not meant as a means for disposing of trash and other debris. The following is a list of rules and regulations that must be followed when having a recreational fire:

A. Except as provided in Section B below, all open burning is prohibited in the city of Roseville.
B. Recreational campfires, fires for the purpose of a bonafide fire department training, as approved by the Fire Chief, and open burning of trees resulting from extensive storm damage, at a central collection site, when approved by the City Council. The following requirements shall apply to all recreational fires:
  1. Minimum distance from the fire to the structure or property line - 25 feet.
  2. Maximum permitted size of the fire - 3 feet in diameter.
  3. Permitted fuels - charcoal or logs 1 inch minimum in diameter.
  4. Maximum duration for a recreational fire - 4 hours.
  5. No combustible materials within a 3 foot radius of the fire.
  6. The fire must be constantly attended by a responsible adult.
  7. A means of extinguishing the fire should be present (such as a garden hose or a fire extinguisher).
  8. Recreational fire shall be for cooking, social, or recreational purposes. They are not allowed for the disposing of trash, debris, grass, tree trimmings, or similar materials.
  9. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief and/or the Fire Marshal to investigate requests for and to issue open burning permits for the purposes stated in Subsection B.
  10. The City Council, after review by the Fire Chief and/or the Fire Marshal may issue "Institutional Recreational Burning Permits" for schools, social clubs, and other organizations, in situations where unique circumstances preclude the ability of the institution to meet the standards of the code. Conditions may be attached to the permit.
Any fires not complying with the above are in violation of state statute and local ordinances and will be extinguished by the Fire Department and a fine of up to $700 may be imposed.

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