2016 Budget Information

Balanced 2016 Budget Adopted by City Council

The City of Roseville adopted its 2016 budget in December. The process of crafting the budget began in early spring and included several presentations, discussion and hearings before being adopted.

2016 Budget Infographic

The annual budget calendar was approved at the May 4 City Council meeting. The calendar serves as a road map for the budget process and includes a listing of several meetings during which the City Council will receive community input, set guidelines, and review strategies.


Did You Know?

All Roseville City Council meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment. Meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., and begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are also shown live on cable channel 16 in Roseville and streamed live on the Internet. A video archive of City Council meetings is also available.
During the initial round of budget discussions, each City department developed its priorities, which were then reviewed by the City Manager. These budget priorities were presented to the City Council during special meetings on Wednesday, May 27, and Monday, June 1.

Further discussions on budget goals and priorities for 2016 were held at the June 16 City Council meeting before the City Manager presented the preliminary budget at the July 13 meeting. The City Manager also presented the preliminary budget to the Finance Commission on July 14.

A public hearing on the recommended budget, including a public comment period, was then held at the August 10 City Council meeting.

The City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) was discussed during the August 17 meeting as well as at the October 19. The City Council adopted the 2016 preliminary tax levy, also known as the not-to-exceed levy, at the Sept. 14 meeting.

Final City Council budget discussions occurred at the Nov. 30 City Council meeting, with the final 2016 budget, tax levy and utility rate vote taken on Dec. 7.

The full calendar of budget meetings is listed in the chart below.
2016 Budget Meetings    
May 27 - Department budget presentations Documents Video
June 1 - Department budget presentations Documents Video
June 15 - City Council goals and priorities  Documents Video
July 13 - City Council receives City Manager recommended budget Documents Video
July 14 - City Manager budget presentation to Finance Commission Documents Video
August 10 - Public hearing on recommended 2016 budget Documents Video
August 11 - Finance Commission recommended budget hearing Documents Video
August 17 - Joint Council/Finance Commission meeting/CIP discussion Documents Video
Sept. 14 - City Council adoption of preliminary 2016 budget and tax levy Documents Video
Oct. 19 - Continued budget discussions - Capital Improvement Progam Documents Video
Nov. 30 - Final City Council budget discussion Documents Video
Dec. 7 - Adoption of final 2016 budget, tax levy and utility rates Documents Video
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