Rental Licensing

The City of Roseville has been exploring ways to maintain the safety, livability and property values of our neighborhoods through more effective code enforcement.

To achieve these goals, the City Council passed an ordinance requiring rental licensing of Multi-family Rental Dwellings (MRD). Rental Licensing includes inspections of rental units and common areas. The Rental License Program assures that MRDs with 5 or more units in Roseville are safe, sanitary and well maintained throughout our community.

Beginning in 2018 the program will include a yearly inspection by the Roseville Fire Department.This will help limit inspections and keep our Multi Family rental properties safe.

The largest change for the program will be that these inspections will now be annual, but will include your annual Fire Inspection as well. Also, the “grading scale” has been eliminated and inspections will purely be a “pass/fail” evaluation.

With these changes we strive to make this program and any inspection process as easy as possible.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Rental License Program please contact us at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you. 

Online Licensing

Since inspections will be annual, each year every MRD property will need to be licensed through our online process. For a step by step guide of our online Licensing process CLICK HERE. You can visit Roseville ePermits to create an account and begin your license process. LICENSING MUST BE DONE FOR EACH BUILDING AND BE COMPLETED BEFORE FEBRUARY 1, 2021. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Frequently Used Documents

​Below are documents needed for inspections. These documents should be presented at the inspection, or uploaded during the renewal process. 

Application Check List
Workers Compensation - Compliance Certificate
​Building and Common Area Inspection Checklist