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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2012


PRESENT:   Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Pederson, and Ristow

ABSENT:     Simbeck emailed ahead with excused absence

STAFF:         Anfang, Brokke, Evenson



Walmart Representatives in attendance, made no comments.

No public comment



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the December 6, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.



Doneen gave a brief update of recent activities from the Community Engagement Task Force.  The Task Force continues with their work focused on the upcoming presentation to the Council. Doneen recognized the efforts of Gary Grefenberg in moving the Community Engagement process forward.



Etten continued the discussion of park dedication considerations for the proposed Walmart development in Twin Lakes. Earlier considerations included a parcel of land in an area away from the development that might have served as a nice addition to Langton Lake Park. This land dedication is no longer an option to fulfill the park dedication requirements. Etten also clarified that the actual size of the parcel is 13.94 acres, rather than the 17.8 acres reported earlier. This change in size is due to 3.86 acres being sold earlier to the City for the Twin Lakes Parkway. The updated land equivalency for park dedication is .68 acres and the updated cash payment would be $411,115, based on 5% of the FMV.

Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Doneen, second by Ristow to recommend the Roseville City Council accept cash in lieu of land for park dedication in the proposed Walmart development.


Commission questions followed.

§  D. Holt inquired into what the land options were/are for the site. Brokke explained that there were no appropriate park development options for this site.

§  Azer asked for a clarification of how the park dedication funds can be used. Brokke clarified that the funds cannot be used for maintenance or ongoing costs but can be used for land acquisitions, park development, and facility enhancement. The park dedication funds could be used to further expand the projects identified by the Parks and Recreation Renewal Program.

      Motion passed unanimously.

Note: Greg Simbeck favored the cash in lieu of land option through his email to notify staff of his absence from tonight’s meeting.




Commission Chair Etten informed the Commission of the impending court hearing for the most recent appeal of the City Bond process. This hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, 2012. Brokke announced that the first round of Bonds were sold on December 29, 2011. The money has been secured and the bond requirement clock has begun, but the funds are not available until after the February, 8, 2012 hearing and the subsequent ruling.

§  D. Holt voiced his frustration with the citizen group that has filed the appeals. Because of the appeals the interest rate for the first bond release increased from 2.15% to 2.45% costing the City an additional $260,000 in interest costs. Holt feels it is important that the community know the impact of this group’s actions.

§  Ristow and other Commissioners inquired into the possibility of a counter suit to help cover damages caused by these appeals. Brokke explained that is a Council action and will be left to their choice in how to best handle the situation.

§  Ristow mentioned how this is similar to past Twin Lakes actions that resulted in the development falling through. Ristow feels that it is important that Roseville Citizens realize that their elected officials were selected to make decisions.

Commissioners would like to remind the community of upcoming Master Plan Renewal Community and Neighborhood meetings. Community involvement has been the cornerstone for the Master Plan process from the beginning and will continue through the upcoming Renewal Process.

§  January 25 ~ 7pm at the Roseville Skating Center, Rose Room.  This meeting will feature updates on renewal program projects, project timeline for the coming four years and information on the funding schedule.

§  February 8 ~ 6:30pm at the Roseville Skating Center, Rose Room. This Neighborhood and Community Meeting will focus on Lexington Park Improvements and plans for projects there in 2012.

§  February 15 ~ 6:30pm at the Harriet Alexander nature Center. This Neighborhood and Community Meeting will focus on HANC Improvements and plans for projects there in 2012, including the replacement of the boardwalk, HVAC improvements, other possible interior work and natural resource restoration on site.


The first major decision in the Parks and Recreation Renewal Program is to consider a general procurement method. Staff is proceeding cautiously until after the February 8th hearing. Work needs to take place during this waiting period to allow us to maintain the aggressive timeline set to accommodate the bond requirements. Brokke briefed the commission on the three options scheduled to be presented to the Council on Monday, January 9, 2012. Staff has identified pros and cons for each method and will look to the Council for direction. The goal is to select a process that gets the best development program for the City. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan Renewal Program aims to get good projects for a good price for a long period of time.

§  Best Value (BV) was the method used during for the Skating Center Geothermal project. The Best Value Procurement System is facilitated by Arizona State University. With this program ASU assists in the development of RFPs and guidance with the selection of contractor, consultant and design work as well as producing weekly reports and project progress reports. The Best Value system through ASU is known for its on-time, on-budget record (98%). With BV, the City accepts proposals for project(s); a team evaluates the proposals and rates each proposal. The ratings are forwarded to ASU for their review and evaluation, the top 3 proposals are identified and these are the organizations interviewed. Each Best Value Proposal includes both identified risks and value added items upfront, which minimizes/eliminates future change orders and additional costs. Best Value also supports the most appropriate level of staff time needed – BV will assist in the planning and management costs, funding is needed for either the BV services or for an outside construction manager/management company.

o    Doneen asked about how the risk is transferred to the contractor in the BV program. Evenson explained that the contractor takes a larger technical responsibility in the project and is expected to pre-build plans and think through the process up-front.

o    Following the BV discussion Diedrick commented that the costs for BV seem reasonable based on what you get.

§  The Best Overall Value Method is hybrid of the Best Value system and the Low Bid process. The goal with Best Overall Value is the best contractor at the best price for the best value to the City. This process requires extensive staff involvement and time and would need additional project management support as well and maintenance operations support.

§  The Low Bid process is the system traditionally used by government agencies.

o    Commissioners commented on their experiences with low-bid

§  Low Bid tends to be low cost up front and then agencies experience ongoing problems past the completion of the project resulting in increased costs.

Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Pederson, second by Ristow, to recommend to the Roseville City Council the Best Value Procurement system for use in the Parks and Recreation Renewal Program. Motion passed unanimously.



  • Bonds sold on December 29.
  • 2011 New Year’s Eve on Ice was a great event and hugely successful. Over 3000 people attended. Thank you to Goodmanson Construction for your support and help making this event fantastic.
  • Neighborhood rinks are being affected by the weather. Staff attempted to get the rinks open for the winter break from school but the unseasonably warm temperatures have made it difficult to make ice. Rinks at Lexington Park and Autumn Grove Park are now open and we will open rinks as the conditions improve.
  • January 21 & 22 will be a big weekend at the Skating Center. January 21 is Hockey Day in Minnesota. The organization Defending the Blue Line is hosting a Skate for the Troops event at the OVAL and a NHL alumni vs. Armed Forces hockey game. On Sunday, January 22 the Wild will once again be holding an outdoor practice at the OVAL. The Wild will be practicing from noon – 1pm with an open skate at 2pm.
  • Staff has talked with the City Manager about the local sales tax option and about an opportunity to get together with the Commission to continue this discussion. Local Legislative members will be at the January 23 Council meeting and there is hope that the sales tax option will be part of their discussion with the Council. The League of Minnesota Cities has the sales tax option on their agenda for 2012. It is important for the Commission to continue to help make people aware of the Local Sales Tax Option and the benefits to the community.


7.    OTHER

  • Doneen shared information on Community Forest Bonding Grants. Staff will look into these and identify the areas that have potential in Roseville.
  • Anfang shared an article from the Saturday, December 31 Star Tribune about the rise in requests for fund raising runs and events in the suburbs and how different communities are handling the flux in requests. Roseville Parks and Recreation was contacted to talk about how we handle the requests.
  • Etten shared a recent Star Tribune article that recognized increased and expanded youth programs and recreation based opportunities to reduce crime in Minneapolis and how anti-crime programs are being connected to recreation experiences. This article helps us refocus on how essential parks and recreation services are to a healthy City. It is unfortunate that recent focus on funding concerns have lessened the good that will come from the renewal program and how this will benefit the City as a whole.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director