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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2015

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:  Bogenholm, Diedrick, D. Holt, M. Holt, Doneen, Gelbach, Newby, Stoner

ABSENT:    Azer, Wall, BOTH notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke






No Public comment at the start of meeting. Community members in attendance reserved their comments for later in the meeting.



February 3, 2015 minutes passed unanimously.


Chair D. Holt recognized and conveyed appreciation to Assistant Director Jill Anfang on the thoroughness of the minutes. The Commission agreed.



Brokke spoke on the upcoming March 9, 2015 Council meeting where the Commission will share the findings from recent studies, Commission discussions and resident input on the issue of deer management in Roseville. At this time the Commission will make a recommendation to the Council for their consideration and action.


Commissioners Newby & Stoner worked with Director Brokke to draft the report on Roseville?s deer population for the Council. Newby summarized the key points of the report along with the recommendation to the Council. Based on Commission findings & Resident input, the recommendation includes;

·         Continue monitoring and inventorying deer population in Roseville

·         Develop a Wildlife Management Ordinance with penalties & enforcement strategies

·         Pursue Wildlife feeding restrictions

·         Provide options for a controlled hunt following established criteria


Commissioner D. Holt reiterated the objective is to collaborate with Ramsey County and the surrounding communities on a deer management program. Commissioner Doneen inquired further into how a coordinated effort might work.

Brokke explained that Ramsey County will help but the decisions and implementation process is up to the individual communities. Brokke spoke of how the collaboration will be based on opening communication among interested communities and encouraging shared knowledge among those communities participating.


Brokke and commissioners recognized there is currently a number of deer management and wildlife management plans available for reference when creating Roseville?s plan and ordinance.


Doneen added a reminder that the key objective when managing wildlife is to be sure native plants are not impacted in the process.


Public Comment:

·         Mary Lou Mohn would like to see any implemented plan be reassessed in 2 years. Ms. Mohn also questioned how deer population levels will be assessed if we are unable to get annual counts without the needed snow cover? Lastly, Mohn voiced her appreciation of awareness of our natural resources in the process.

·         Cecelia Warner sees this as a nuisance & public safety issue and recognizes potential health implications. Warner supports a feeding ban, even though deer do not disappear. Warner added that a hunt may be a more humane way to manage the deer population.

·         Andy Krawczyk questioned the equation used for land mass when reporting on the deer population. Since last speaking before the Commission Krawczyk has stopped feeding the deer and has seen a marked change in the number of deer on his property (using night vision cameras).

o    Staff responded to the equation question that the criteria is set by the DNR identifying wetland areas and adjacent delineation.

·         Following further Commission discussion, Ginger Seybold added that the world is full of choices and choices have consequences. Penalties from this ordinance could help fund the monitoring & management of the program.

·         Community members suggested using trail cameras in problem areas to verify deer counts and added that it might be possible to involve community volunteers in monitoring/counting deer.


Commission Comments:

·         Newby spoke to balancing competing constituencies. The approach being proposed is not a carrying capacity issue but balancing the carrying capacity with the problems deer are causing in the City. Hopefully, a feeding ban will stop the deer from congregating.

·         Gelbach is not sure he trusts the fly-over method used to count deer and has questions about the designated areas. Gelbach also wondered how we do a count that is measurable.

·         Doneen recognized that while enhanced monitoring would be useful, current staffing and funding resources do not allow for the work load this might require.


Commission Chair Holt spoke to the community and shared the Commission?s appreciation in the process and the community involvement in the deer management discussion and recognized how the shared voice of the community has been valuable in the Commission arriving at a recommendation for the Council.


Community members in attendance responded with thanks and applause for the Commission and their work on this issue.


Commission Recommendation:

Commissioner Diedrick moved that the recommendation included in the Roseville Deer Population Report be forwarded to the Council on March 9 for their review & action. Second by Commissioner Newby.  Motion passed unanimously.



Brokke summarized Renewal Program progress.

·         Onsite work for the Boardwalk at HANC has begun.

·         The monthly 3rd Saturday Natural Resource volunteer efforts have been extremely successful. The third event is scheduled for March 21 in Reservoir Woods.

·         The sidewalk along Victoria from County Road b to B2 will be part of the 2015 construction program.

·         2015 will see additional community build playground builds, including 2 in Central Park early in the fall.


·         OVAL closes for the season on March 5.

·         Volunteer Appreciation dinner is Thursday, March 5.

·         Staff received an email late today (March 3) regarding Langton Lake Park classification. Resident asked the commission to look at the current classification of Langton Lake as an Urban Park. Based on activity & use, writer feels the park would be better classified as a Conservancy Park.

·         Brokke recognized the contributions of three Commissioners leaving. Thank you Mary Holt for 6 years of participation and all you have done for the parks & recreation department and the community. Thank you to Erin Azer & Nolan Wall for their years of service to the Parks & Recreation Commission and all they have done to make Roseville a great community.

o    Commission Chair Holt commented on the current applicant pool for the 3 Parks & Recreation Commission positions (15 applicants). This high level of interest is thanks to the efforts and involvement of all commissioners. This is further evidence that this Commission makes a difference in our community.



·         D. Holt discussed consideration of a succession plan for Parks & Recreation Commission Chair and Vice Chair positions. In review, Commission terms are 3 years in length and run from April through March. The commission chair and vice chair election takes place at the March meeting. Hold suggested that it would be useful to the parks & recreation Commission if the Vice Chair was elected with the intention of moving into the Chair position after one year, the Chair would then move into a past chair position following their one year term and serve as a mentor and provide a historic perspective.

o    Commissioners around the table agreed with the plan.

§  Current Vice Chair Diedrick explained she does not aspire to serve as Commission Chair but she will serve the commission however others see fit.

§  D. Holt had spoke with all Commissioners prior to the meeting and found interested parties for the Chair and Vice Chair positions who are also supportive of the succession Plan.

Commission Recommendation:

1.    Motion by Gelbach, second by Diedrick, to nominate Jerry Stoner for the position of Chair for the Roseville Parks & Recreation Commission.

a.    Nomination passed unanimously

2.    Motion by Diedrick, second by Stoner to nominate Terry Newby for the position of Vice Chair for the Roseville Parks & Recreation Commission.

a.    Nomination passed unanimously


Brokke thanked Dave Holt and Lee Diedrick for their service as Commission Chair and Vice Chair.


8.    OTHER

·         Diedrick commented on how the Commission and serving as Vice Chair has been a delightful experience.

·         Stoner commented on how it seems as involvement on has ramped up lately.


Meeting adjourned at 8pm on a motion my Mary Holt in her final meeting. Motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director