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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2015

Cedarholm Golf Course

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:              Becker-Finn, Diedrick, Heikkila, Doneen, Newby, O'Brien, Stoner

ABSENT:                Bogenholm, Holt, Gelbach notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:                   Anfang, Brokke, McDonagh

OTHERS:                Roger Hess Jr.






Roseville Resident Roger Hess Jr. was in attendance for tonight's meeting, Roger chose not to comment at this time. Staff recognized an email for a community member sharing ideas for management & operations of Cedarholm.


  • Commission Chair Stoner shared information on the revised program for Roseville U.


  • Commissioners agreed to re-arrange tonight?s agenda to accommodate videotaping of items 5 & 6 and Golf Course operations discussion before course tour.



April 7, 2015 minutes passed unanimously.



Brokke reviewed the program progress report.

·         All park buildings are open and serving as vital community gathering places.

·         Remodeling at Park Shelters is completed and the facilities are available for use.

·         Final adjustments are being made to the boardwalk at HANC.

·         Tennis Courts that were rebuilt last fall are being color-coated this spring.

·         Field improvements have been completed on four CP Victoria fields.

·         Community volunteers have been very busy working on monthly Natural Resource projects throughout the community.

·         The City Council approved a 2 year contract with a local environmental firm to perform the required monitoring and reporting to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for the newly acquired property adjacent to and now a part of Autumn Grove Park.



Staff shared early spring events, facility use and program updates.



Brokke & McDonagh presented a brief history of Cedarholm Golf Course and overview of golf operations.


Commissioner discussion followed;

·         Doneen inquired into what staff see as the top list of needs/priorities.

o    Staff spoke to capital needs with the clubhouse and maintenance shop. Staff also recognized that Cedarholm is used and maintained uniquely from other courses resulting in items realizing an extended life beyond typical industry standards.

·         Stoner asked about the Finance Director's report and wondered if the current $20,000 in administrative fees is the right number. Stoner also wondered if the current staffing level is correct.

o    Staff responded that the $20,000 administrative fee has been consistent for many years now.

o    Golf Course staff focus their efforts on the course during the golf season and get some additional assistance on projects from the maintenance staff and a shared maintenance position with the Skating Center, plus work on department-wide tasks like turf management and marketing.

·         O'Brien asked if there is a good study of how golf staff spends their time.

o    Brokke spoke to how staff works across the department and mentioned that the department has begun using the Pubworks system to track tasks along with hours during individual pay periods.

·         Heikkila recognized increases in concession sales in 2014.

o    McDonagh explained the golf course had a very successful Groupon campaign that resulted in increased concession sales thanks to collateral purchases by those using Groupon purchases


Meeting discussions and videotaping adjourned at 7:30pm. At this time, Commissioners continued their meeting with a walking tour of the Course.

·         Commissioners spent time at the maintenance shop seeing first-hand how space is maximized to store riding carts, learned the types of equipment currently being used to maintain the course grounds & facilities.

·         Commissioners walked the course learning the processes used to maintain turf, trees and plantings. Staff also pointed out supporting structures and course features.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director