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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2015

Langton Lake Park Walking Tour - 6:00pm

Sandcastle Park - 6:45 pm


PRESENT:   Becker-Finn, Bogenholm, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, Holt, Newby, O'Brien, Stoner

ABSENT:     Heikkila notified staff ahead of time of absence

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke






Community members Sherry Sanders & Lisa McCormick plus Andy Berg & 3 representatives from the Rosedale project in attendance.

·         Sherry Sanders extended an invitation to the Commission to visit Tamarack Park

·         Other guest deferred comment until later in the meeting


3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES - August 4, 2015 MEETING

August 4th minutes approved unanimously. Doneen abstained from vote because he was not at the August meeting.



The Commission met at 6:00pm tonight at Langton Lake Park to tour park properties in relation to proposed Twin Lakes development. Commission members then convened for their September meeting at 6:45pm at Sandcastle Park. Commission follow-up discussion included;

·         Holt suggested the Commission work to solidify the opportunity for developments to be flagged when received by Community Development.

o    Look into the possibility of creating a City document that leads to flagging projects that have implications to the parks

·         Stoner commented on the minimal distance/buffer between development areas & park land. Suggested looking into plantings that grow into a natural barrier of sorts.

·         Becker-Finn added comments on the amount of potential sound developments could bring to the area's park.

·         O'Brien asked about the footpath neighbors had spoken of at an earlier Commission meeting.

o    Stoner inquired into whether development plans included a sidewalk along the parkway.



Brokke briefed Commission on the proposed development on the north side of Rosedale between Penney's & DSW. This project involves a replatting of the area and triggers a park dedication recommendation. The role of the Commission, at this time, is to recommend to the Council accepting cash in lieu of land (7% of the FMV, $102,300 or .105 acres of land).

·         Doneen commented that a land dedication of this size does not make much sense.


Commission Recommendation:

Commissioner Doneen moved recommending the Council that cash in lieu of land be accepted for park dedication with the Rosedale Mall Expansion. Second by Holt. Motion passed unanimously


No public comment took place on this item.


Public Comment from Lisa McCormick;

·         Thanked Commission for considering the acquisition of land as park dedication in the Twin Lakes area.

·         McCormick inquired whether park dedication funds are dedicated to the area from which the funds are collected.

·         McCormick would like to see funds used west of Snelling and suggested that a specified percentage of funding be required to stay in the area from which the funds were generated.

·         Lastly, McCormick asked that park dedication funds be used to address safety concerns in the Twin Lakes area.

Commission Comments;

·         Becker-Finn asked McCormick to provide the Commission with specifics about reports of crime.

o    Staff will check with police to learn more about possible crime activity in the Twin Lakes area.


Following public comment, Brokke presented the Park Dedication information included in the Commission Packet which included a draft of a Park Capital Funding Policy from Mayor Roe.

·         Commission voiced their concerns about the policy's direction that could enable the Council to transfer funds between sub-funds.

·         Doneen asked for a clarification on the use of CIP in this draft policy and worries that park dedication funds would be used for Capital Improvement Projects.

o    Doneen commented that the ability to move park dedication funds around could lead to an over-reliance on funding of Parks CIP with park dedication funds

·         Doneen also is concerned that land acquisition funds could get too lean under this policy set-up.

·         Holt questioned the set split of park dedication funds and recognizes that when an opportunity comes along there needs to be a way to make it happen.

·         Holt added that a plan should be in place for the CIP to address assets without needing to tap into a percentage of the park dedication funds.

o    You can't plan for park dedication funds.

·         Stoner commented on how this policy might help others better understand how park dedication funds are used/intended.

·         Newby suggested that perhaps the policy could read that the funds are only able to move one direction, from the Capital sub-fund to the acquisition sub-fund. Newby also suggested that a minimum level of funding be set and that the balance of a fund cannot dip below that level unless being used for a significant acquisition.

·         Stoner asked Brokke to talk about his discussion with the Mayor in regards to this draft policy.

o    Brokke responded that the policy is a way to memorialize allocations and a way to protect park dedication funds as Councils come & go.

·         Holt suggested taking information from this discussion to the upcoming joint meeting with the finance committee.



Holt briefed the commission on the recent joint meeting between the Parks & Recreation Commission and the Finance Commission.

·         Much of the meeting was spent informing the Finance Commissioners on the reasons why the Golf Course is a value to the Roseville community. Holt interpreted the Finance Commission as questioning the value of Cedarholm based only on the spreadsheet numbers. Holt recognized that the joint meeting was enlightening for all and that the group had agreed to meet again.


·         The direction of the conversations included;

o    Do we look at Cedarholm as an asset that should be on the same level as the rest of the park system?

o    How long can we go and accept that the Clubhouse & Shop are adequate, when do we begin to look ahead & work to improve this community asset?

o    Shouldn?t we be looking at the Community and its Park System as a whole with unique features and special assets?

§  Cedarholm is an asset that should be invested in.

·         The Finance Committee asked about a Financial Feasibility Study for Cedarholm. Brokke shared a recent study from Minneapolis Golf Courses. Based on what staff has seen in reports done for other local golf courses, staff questions the return/value of investing in a feasibility study.



Staff shared a PowerPoint "tour" of Renewal Program Projects completed to date, currently under construction and those scheduled to be completed in the coming months. The visual slides demonstrated the expanse of work that has taken place in the parks over the past 15 months.



Anfang reported that staff are making the transition from Summer to Fall;

·         30 kids are still taking part in summer Recreation programs at Autumn Grove. The Summer Spectacular Program is one of the only opportunities in the area for recreation activities the week before Labor Day.

·         Fall Soccer is about to begin. 270 kids are playing on 20 teams with over 40 coaches. Some teams have already begun practicing. Games begin after Labor Day.

·         The Park Buildings continue to be busy. There are multiple reservations most weekend days throughout the fall.

·         The Roseville Youth Football Association played their opening week games at Rosebrook Park. The park was crazy busy with young players, siblings at the playground and family & friends along the sidelines cheering the kids on.

·         Parks & Recreation Facebook page ?likes? have increased by over 10% in the past 8 weeks.

Brokke updated the Commission on the Fairview Fire Station. The building is currently used for Parks & Recreation equipment & supplies storage. There has been some interest by developers to purchase the property. Because of this, staff are exploring options for storage for Recreation programs, Parks & Recreation equipment, Skating Center equipment, as well as Public Works vehicles and equipment.


Brokke also commented on the heavy use of the park system over the summer, it appears that use has increased since the Renewal Program Projects have been completed. Good use is good for the parks.



·         FORParks Tapped & Uncorked event is October 2nd at the OVAL. Tickets are now available at the Parks & Recreation office and from FORParks members.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director