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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2007


Present: Brodt Lenz, Jacobson, Johnson, Kamrath, Kruzel, Pederson, Ristow, Stark


Absent: Willmus (called to notify staff of absence)


Staff: Brokke, Anfang, Schultz, Boettcher, Maxey, Cash, Evenson


Guests: Alex Hall, United Properties


  1. Introductions/Roll Call/Public Comment
    • No Public Comment
  2. Approval of Minutes – March 6, 2007 Meeting
    • Commission Recommendation: Minutes of the March 6, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved.
  3. United Properties Senior Housing Proposal Near Langton Lake Park
    • Staff introduced this topic and indicated that this agenda item was for information purposes only and a recommendation was not expected tonight. The staff’s brief review included that:

§         United Properties is proposing a senior housing development on approximately 6 acres of land at 3010 Cleveland Avenue on the West side of Langton Lake Park near the soccer field.

§         There were 3 plans included in the commission packet. Two preliminary site plans were from United Properties and the third plan is the adopted Langton Lake Park Master Plan.

§         Current access to the existing park parking lot is through the industrial warehouse parking lot on the south of the proposed development and existing park land.

    • Staff also indicated that park related concerns included, but are certainly not limited to:

§         The extreme sensitivity of any park land exchange!

§         Meeting the goals of the adopted park master plan and ensuring future public access to the park.

§         The importance of consideration of the existing adopted park master plan

§         Trail connections to the park?

    • Mr. Hall of United Properties presented the details of their two proposals and relayed information from recent neighborhood meetings;

§         First proposal does not change access to the park and the development is contained within the property lines of current ownership (this plan is preferred by United Properties).

§         Second proposal involves a parkland exchange and includes a new road to access the existing park parking lot (will discuss further if City is interested).

§         A neighborhood meeting was held by United Properties for those that live on Brenner Avenue just bordering the site and Mr. Hall stated that neighbor comments included the dislike for access to the development and park off Brenner Ave and concerns about the impact a four story building might have on the homes and yards to the north of the development.

    • Commission asked a number of questions related to the presented proposals. The primary discussions centered on ownership and who would be responsible for maintenance of the road as well as the importance of consideration of the adopted Langton Lake Master Plan.
    • Commissioner Willmus was not able to be at the meeting but shared his thoughts in writing. Chair Johnson shared read those thoughts. Commissioner Willmus comments indicated that plan #1 and #2 do not conform to the adopted Langton Lake Park Master Plan and fail to satisfy the requirements of the Roseville Comprehensive Plan.
    • Commission Recommendation: No formal recommendation. Discussion centered on the importance of the adherence to the adopted Langton Lake Park Master Plan.
  1. Summer Program Review
    • Recreation staff and Nature Center staff were present to update Commission Members on plans for spring and summer programming. Rick Schultz, recreation superintendent, Roxann Maxey, recreation supervisor, Eric Boettcher, recreation supervisor and Debbie Cash, naturalist presented the commission with a preview to programs, events and opportunities planned for the coming summer. The vast array of recreation happenings for people of all ages demonstrated our motto … Roseville Parks and Recreation offers "Something for Everyone"
  2. Roseville Skating Center Project Update
    • Staff provided a most up to date report on the Skating Center project. Bid deadline was today, March 6. Eleven bids were received. The low bid came in at $533,000 for the base project (this project price does not include architecture fees and project contingency). There were several alternates for the project, the main ones being the basement (under new addition), upgraded roof structure and roofing materials and the restroom additions/upgrades. Staff to more completely review bid proposals and take recommendations and requests to the council as soon as possible in effort to adhere to project timelines for completion.
  3. Directors Report
    • Recent Snow Removal Efforts

§         Parks and Recreation staff is responsible for pathway clearing. Parks and Recreation maintenance operations currently have 2 pathway machines, fate would have it that both machines went down during the most recent storm challenging staff to keep up with the snow removal on the pathways. Staff did a great job in all their efforts.

    • Arena Geothermal RFPs to go out soon.
    • Parks and Recreation Commission Applicant interviews are scheduled for Monday, March 12. 4 applications have been received for the one position.
    • Deadline for the HANC Planning Committee applications are due March 14
    • Discussion by council and steering committee on the Imagine Roseville 2025 outcomes are scheduled for March 29.
  1. Other
    • Tonight is Richard "Jake" Jacobson’s final Commission meeting. Staff and Commissioners echoed appreciation and respect for Jake’s leadership and insight while serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission.
    • Brodt-Lenz:

§         Recruiting volunteers for ARTS@theOVAL, March 24 & 25 at the Skating Center

  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jill Anfang

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director