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Disclosure of Financial Interests

  1. The City of Roseville Code of Ethics provides that Roseville public officials shall file a Disclosure of Financial Interests Statement with the City Manager. Public Officials include the following: Members of the City Council and Mayor; the department head and assistant department head of each City department; any person that has been appointed by the Roseville City Council. This would include City commission, board and task force members; and the City Manager.

    Each person shall file the report within thirty days after assuming the position of a public official. Each person shall file a new statement by January 30 of each year thereafter during the time of service as a public official. If a change in financial interest or property ownership occurs between filings, a new filing shall be made within thirty days of the change.

    The interest of any member of the immediate family (spouse, minor children, minor stepchildren or other persons residing in the same household) shall be considered to be an interest of the public official.

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