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Roseville Park Building Request

  1. To save you time and effort before completing this form, you are highly encouraged to look at the Park Building Scheduled Rentals Calendar.  If a time is listed on a given day, the park building is UNAVAILABLE during those specific times as there is already a rental event scheduled.

    If you have an interest in renting any one of the six Roseville Parks & Recreation park buildings, including the Harriet Alexander Nature Center, please fill out the following form.  

    Filling out this form will give us the information that we need to begin the reservation process. You can expect a response within two business days regarding the availability of your requested building, and next steps in the rental process. We do require at least 14 calendar days from request to rental date to accommodate staffing needs.

    Please note: This form is a request for space only and does not guarantee you a reservation. The reservation will not be complete until we have created a permit and received payment.

    For more information about renting any of the park buildings please contact us at 651-792-7118.

  2. In order to give you the highest quality of service we will need to know more about your event and the facilities you are interested in renting.

    Please note: this form is a request for space only and does not constitute an actual reservation. 

    Visit, to learn more about each rental facility.

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  4. Please describe your event in greater detail. This will help us to give you better service.

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