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Boulevard and Mailbox Repair Form

  1. Damage caused by snow plow
    We apologize if any damage was done to the City boulevard or to your mailbox. Thank you for letting us know. By filling out the form below, your name has been added to our list.
  2. Please indicate the nature of your problem by checking the appropriate box(es) below:*
  3. Boulevard Damage
    Crews will be out in the spring to remove any chunks of dirt or grass and will replace it with black dirt and seed. This work will begin once the threat of frost is gone and weather conditions allow us.
  4. Mailbox Damage
    A staff member will visit your location to determine if your mailbox was damaged through direct contact with the snow plow, or indirectly by the snow discharge off the plow. Mailboxes damaged by direct contact will be repaired or replaced by the City.

    If a mailbox is damaged due to indirect contact, including the force of snow generated by the snow removal vehicle, the City assumes no responsibility. It is necessary for homeowners in this climate to use materials and to construct mailboxes that will withstand the force of snow coming off of the end of a snow plow.

    In either event, a temporary mailbox may be installed by City staff as a courtesy service to residents so that mail can still be delivered until the mailbox and/or post can be replaced in spring once the ground thaws.
  5. Is your mailbox still able to receive deliveries of mail?
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