Pet Licenses

Get Animals Licensed

Stop by City Hall and get your dogs and cats licensed. It’s easy to do, and it helps ensure your pet’s health and safety.

Stop by the front desk at City Hall during business hours to get a license. Bring proof that your dog or cat has been vaccinated (and sterilized or microchipped if applicable) and fill out a license application (PDF)

License Fees

2 Year Licenses
Lifetime Licenses
2 Year
Lifetime License         
2 Year Microchipped Only

Lifetime License Microchipped Only
2 Year Sterilized Only

Lifetime License Sterilized Only
2 Year Sterilized and Microchipped
Lifetime License Sterilized and Microchipped
If you have 3 or 4 dogs, you’ll need a multiple dog license (PDF) and written approval from at least 75% of your immediate neighbors.

Clean Up After Animals

City code requires pet owners to clean up and properly dispose of all messes left by your dog or cat when off your property. Animal feces can contaminate city lakes. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet.

Keep Animals on Leashes

Your dog or cat must be on a leash if not on your property. Your dogs can be off leash at the Reservoir Woods Dog Park located on the north side of Larpenteur, east of Dale Street. Dogs without leashes and dog owners can exercise on 2 soft trail areas. A portion of the area is handicapped accessible.

Stray Animals

Stray pets whose owners cannot be reached are taken to Hillcrest Animal Hospital at 1320 East County Road D Circle. Animals are for at least five days. Call 651-484-7211 if you think your pet may have been taken to the Animal Hospital.

If you see a stray animal, contact Roseville Animal Control at 651-792-7235.