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The ordinances listed below were adopted by the Roseville City Council on the date listed. All ordinances take effect on the date that they are published in the city's legal newspaper, unless otherwise noted. Currently, the city's legal newspaper is the Roseville Review.

Ordinances will remain here until they are codified, or added to the Roseville City Code. Once ordinances are codified, they no longer stand on their own, but must be read in the context of the city code.

The online version City Code was last updated on August 14, 2017 and includes all ordinances published prior to that date.

1549 Amend Ch 7 Wireless Facilities  4/9/2018 4/17/2018
1548 Amend Ch 4 Noise Ordinance exceptions 4/9/2018 4/17/2018
1547 Amend Ch 9 Licensing term 4/9/2018 4/17/2018
1546 Amend Ch 9 Licensing requirement 4/9/2018 4/17/2018
1545 Amend Ch 10 Allowable Use table 3/26/2018 4/2/2018
1544 Amend Ch 10 Conditional Use criteria and definitions 2/12/2018 2/27/2018
1543 Amend Ch 10 rezoning to office business park 1 2/12/2018 2/27/2018
1542 Amend Ch 10 multi-family units in regional business districts 2/12/2018 2/27/2018
1541 Amend Ch 302 Allowing sale of alcohol 1/29/2018 2/13/2018
1540 Amend Ch 701 Regulating park and recreation activities 1/29/2018 2/13/2018
1539  Amend of Section 907.04: Expiration of Registration  1/8/2018  1/12/2018 
1538  Amend Title Two Chapter 208 Modify the Finance Commission's Role with Regard to it's Scope, Duties, and Functions 12/11/2017  12/13/2017
1537  Amend Title Three Chapter 304 Requirements Where Lawful Gambling Proceeds Are Expended 12/11/2017  12/13/2017
1536 Amend Chapter 314.05, Fee Schedule Adopting the 2018 Fee Schedule 12/4/2017 12/13/2017
1535   Amend Title 10 Changing 2315 Chatsworth St from High Density Residential-1 District to Low Density Residential-2 District 11/6/2017 11/9/2017
1534   Amend Title 9 Chp 908, to Regulate Rental Licensing for Multifamily Rental Dwellings of 5 or more Units 10/23/2017 10/23/2017
1532 Amend Title 10 Section 1009.06 (Zoning Changes) of 211 North McCarrons Blvd 8/14/2017 8/17/2017

Important Note

These ordinances are published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official ordinances are the printed versions maintained by the office of the city manager.

Downloaded versions are not official. Note that the city council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to these ordinances subsequent to the latest online version. For more information, please call the office of the city manager at 651-792-7001.