Recently Adopted Ordinances

Recent & New Ordinances

The ordinances listed below were adopted by the Roseville City Council on the date listed. All ordinances take effect on the date that they are published in the city's legal newspaper, unless otherwise noted. Currently, the city's legal newspaper is the Roseville Review.

Ordinances will remain here until they are codified or added to the Roseville City Code. Once ordinances are codified, they no longer stand on their own, but must be read in the context of the city code.

The online version City Code was last updated on August 5, 2019 and includes all ordinances published prior to that date.

 1576 An Ordinance Amending Title 3 (Business Regulations) And Title 10 3 (Zoning) Of The City Code To Establish A Business License And 4 Zoning Regulations For Temporary Overnight Shelters
 08-26-2019 09-03-2019 
 1577 An Ordinance Amending Selected Text of the Roseville City Code, Title 4 (Health And Sanitation), and Title 9 (Building Regulations), Regarding Nuisance Vehicles
09-09-2019 09-17-2019
 1578  An Ordinance Adopting the 2020 Fee Schedule  12-02-2020 12-06-2019
 1579 An Ordinance Amending Title 5, Background Checks  01-27-2020 1-31-
 1580  An Ordinance Amending Title 2-Advisory Commissions  02-10-2020  02-12-2020 
 1581 An Ordinance Amending Title 3-Amusements  03-09-2020 03-12-2020 
 1582 An Ordinance Amending Title 3-Tobacco Products, Enforcement   03-09-2020 03-11-2020
 1583 An Ordinance Approving Text Amendments to Chapter 906 Building Maintenance and Preservation Code   04-13-2020  05-14-2020
 1584  An Ordinance Amending the Fee Schedule   05-04-2020  05-07-2020
 1585 An Ordinance Amending Title 10 Related to Tree Replacement  05-11-2020  05-14-2020
 1586  An Ordinance Amending the Centre Pointe PUD Ord #1177 to Modify the Veritas Campus Plan   06-22-2020  06-26-2020
 1587 An Ordinance Cancelling Two Planned Unit Development Agreements Regulating Development at Rosedale Center  08-24-2020  08-28-2020
 1589 An Ordinance amending Title 10, changing certain Real Property located at 2501 Fairview Ave to Regional Business-1 District  09-28-2020  10-15-2020

 1590 An Ordinance amending Chapters 801, 802 and 803    10-12-2020 10-15-2020
 1591 An Ordinance Amending Title 10, Zoning, And Title 11, Subdivisions, Of The Roseville City Code Pertaining To Through Lots
 10-12-2020  10-15-2020
 10-26-2020  10-29-2020
 1595 An Ordinance amending Ch 907 of the City Code, Registration  of Residential Rental Properties of 1-4 units    2-8-2021  2-10-2021
 1596 An Ordinance creating a new Chapter 909 that outlines the following requirements for the licensing of Short-Term Rentals.
 2-8-2021  2-10-2021
1597 An Ordinance amending Ch 306 of the City Code, Cigarette and Tobacco products    2-8-2021  2-10-2021
 1598 An Ordinance amending Title 10, Rezoning certain Real Property located at 196 S McCarrons Blvd 2-22-21  2-25-
 1599 An Ordinance amending Title 10, Rezoning Certain Real Property located at 202 County Rd B   2-25-21

Important Note

These ordinances are published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official ordinances are the printed versions maintained by the office of the city manager.

Downloaded versions are not official. Note that the city council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to these ordinances subsequent to the latest online version. For more information, please call the office of the city manager at 651-792-7001.